Business Climate Challenge – 2 case studies recognising Islington retrofit achievements

The Business Climate Challenge (BCC) is getting into its final stages, here are a couple of participant case studies that demonstrate good energy efficiency improvements:

1) Since moving into their current site in 2022 (a restored church hall, just off Cally Road), ARK Coworking have undertaken an extensive retrofit programme to improve both the energy efficiency of the building and create a cosy and welcoming workplace environment for its occupants. Alongside LEDs, radiator reflectors and draught proofing, the recent installation of 54 solar PV panels will generate 60-70% of their energy consumption.

They found the BCC scheme useful from a knowledge sharing viewpoint and took on board the advice around smart heat sensors and half hourly meters. They are currently working their way through other audit recommendations and are now attracting more environmentally-minded customers to their space.

See their case study here.

2) As part of their ongoing commitment to sustainability, Caxton House Community Centre have made remarkable progress in the decarbonisation of their building and operations. This has included most recently the installation of a new air source heat pump and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery unit, to complement their earlier solar PV, LEDs and triple glazed windows & skylights throughout the building. Alongside this, they are using the BCC learning programme to improve energy efficiency behaviour amongst staff, alongside their commitment to engage the local community on cost of living and energy advice activities.

The projects have been managed by Sue Collins, Finance & Office Manager alongside the project management of Power Up North London.

See their case study here