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We welcome THE HOME OF SUSTAINABLE THINGS as a new ISEP member!

THE HOME OF SUSTAINABLE THINGS (53 Barnsbury St., N1 1TP) specialises in products with zero or low carbon output. It is the first of its kind store and a design platform to curate exclusively circular and sustainable design and to support and showcase pioneers of renewable materials and their sustainable design processes. The products demonstrate design and craft processes that tackle issues such as paper waste, construction waste and food waste all of which are significant polluters and how these applications can be utilised in architecture, design and other creative industries.

The current selection explores the use of construction waste, agricultural waste, hemp, biomass, food and paper waste, glass, metal scrap and so on as building materials. It reveals the possibilities of crafting not only aesthetically beautiful and useful objects, but achieving it without putting more strain on global resources. Importantly, by demonstrating how the so-called “waste” can be upcycled and transformed into valuable products, THE HOME OF SUSTAINABLE THINGS provides an alternative to conventional product design as well as fresh ideas and unique opportunities for interior designers, architects and other creatives to advance their fields.