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New member profile: Forrist – plastic-free online supermarket

Welcome to Forrist – the UK’s first plastic-free online supermarket where everything is organic and plant-based. Founded in 2018 and based in Islington, Forrist emerged from the desire to make a conscious and sustainable lifestyle accessible to all. They stock only plant-based organic goods, as well as innovative health, beauty and housekeeping products, sustainable household items and investment cookware that will last you a lifetime, often in collaboration with other like-minded brands with a shared passion for premium quality eco-friendly products.

All their produce is purchasable by weight, allowing you to save both waste and money by only adding as much as you need to your basket and once you’ve filled your cart, Forrist will ensure they are packaged as sustainably as possible, either in reusable glass jars, bottles and containers or in compostable bags and pouches. If composting from home isn’t a possibility for you, take advantage of their Earth to Earth takeback program – wherein which you return 50 Forrist Kraft Bags and/or Pouches and receive a free reusable jar in return. They also offer a fantastic Reuse & Refill feature which allows you to have your shopping packed into your own containers, further eliminating the need for any new packaging. 

Through their blog, which includes recipes, think pieces, sustainability guides, informative posts and interviews with other inspiring environmentalists, not only do they encourage a collective effort towards a better tomorrow, they present it as fun and fulfilling, as opposed to a struggle. Simone Brown, Founder of Forrist: “Sustainable living doesn’t have to feel like a chore or an obstacle. Our goal is to make conscious, eco-friendly shopping accessible, convenient and most of all, fulfilling.”

Their Free Essentials scheme aims to address hygiene poverty by offering every shopper a free reusable menstrual cup or jar of organic shaving oil every time they order, as well as other charity work such as their upcoming Canopy Project, which aims to provide healthy, sustainable options for families struggling with food insecurities across the UK.