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New member profile: Cally Energy- supporting community projects

Cally Energy is a community energy company aiming to build an even stronger local community through the development of community-owned renewable energy projects, on both the east and west sides of Caledonian Road. Cally Energy has been awarded seed funding from Islington Council to deliver feasibility studies for two possible sites, and if the sites are considered good for solar energy generation, then Cally Energy will raise finance for the project through a crowd-sourced community share offer. Once a project is up and running, any project ‘profits’ would be reinvested back into the community. Any local resident can become a shareowner and contributions could be small or large, with an equal vote to all. 
Community energy is not a new concept and co-op style energy generation has been around for a long time. However, what is different today is that solar technology safely allows small-scale electricity generation to happen in cities. Community energy projects have been successful in other parts of London and this would be a first truly grass roots energy project in Islington. Cally Energy hopes to develop projects on community assets where there are non-residential users who can benefit from lower cost electricity.  
They are looking for even more local area residents and businesses who agree that community owned energy is a good thing and would like to show them their support! You can reach out via their website,