Energy efficiency grants for Islington small businesses 

The Energising Small Business fund has now reopened for applications – it provides local businesses with up to £1,500 towards energy saving measures, such as LED lighting and electrical equipment replacements. 

Caledonian Pharmacy in Caldeonian Road were recent recipients of the grant, allowing them to replace their existing green and white first aid fluorescent sign with a new LED version combined with rolling display screen, currently allowing them to advertise information on local Covid testing.  Swapping out fluorescent lights for LEDs can offer a dramatic reduction in energy costs – in this case, the new lighting display will be over 80%  more energy efficient than the previous sign. 

Manager, Neil Gathani, pictured, is now also undertaking extensive interior refurbishment with new wall insulation, LED ceiling lights and display screen to be included. As a member of the local Caledonian Road Trader’s Association and a keen environmentalist, Neil added: ‘It’s all about looking at the bigger picture, really. Making the investment now will help me reduce my energy bills significantly over the years to come’.