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Celebrating Migrateful’s Cookery School – book a class!

Migrateful is an award-winning charity that runs cookery classes led by migrant and refugee chefs who are facing challenges in integration, independence and employment in the UK mainly due to legal and linguistic barriers. The cookery classes provide pivotal opportunities for chefs to share their native cuisine, culture and stories and in doing so, helping them in their journey towards integrating into UK society. They also promote meaningful contact and cultural exchange with the wider community. 

In October 2021, Migrateful opened its very own Cookery School in Islington at the Peel Community Centre. Their first permanent home base and a place of belonging for refugees who often feel displaced – a second home away from home. Migrateful also recently began running classes in Bristol, Brighton, Canterbury and Margate.

Migrateful offers team-building cookery classes for companies who are looking to cultivate employee cohesion in creative ways. There is no better team-building activity than a cooking class. Preparing ingredients, cooking, and then dining together, is a special way of creating stronger connections among team members, leveraging what makes team-building work: a shared, clear practical objective. Some of their previous clients include Google, Amazon, Accenture, Waitrose and Jamie Oliver. 

They offer both in-person and online corporate cooking classes and demos. More information can be found here:
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